Etwinning: Spanish-English exchange

25 11 2015

This year our students of 1st ESO are carrying out an e-twinning project with the Collège Paul Fort in Is sur Tille, in France. 

Paul Fort

They are describing themselves so that the students from the French school can play who is who and guess who we are. We are having real fun while learning English with our French epals. Here it is our photo:20151124_103738

1st Halloween cake contest

2 11 2015

I’d like to thank all our students (as well as their mothers who helped them) for their great participation in the contest. It was all a success!!

20 cakes participated in the contest, yes, 20!!! That’s incredible!!! And we can confirm that they were all really imaginative and delicious!! !


The jury had real problems when choosing the best cake (due to its decorations and flavour), the most frightening and delicious.


Do you wanna know who won???

1st prize: Leo

20151029_14255420151029_105133 (3)

2nd prize: Aïda


3rd prize: Sergi


4th prize: Berta


Do you wanna see the rest of cake? Here you are!!





After giving the prizes, we all tasted those wonderful cakes and biscuits!! Thanks to all the students of 2nd ESO!!