Trip to London (exchange with Calthorpe Park School) 27-31 March 2014

15 04 2014



The 3rd ESO students have taken an exchange trip with the Calthorpe Park School in Fleet (UK) since we have been exchanging letters with them for three courses now.

The previous two courses the Calthorpe Park Students have come to our INS Thalassa and this year it’s been our turn to visit them.  However, we haven’t stayed with them. We’ve stayed with host families in Wallington, which has helped us improve our English and to  know more about a daily life in England.

The first day we’ve been to Calthorpe Park school,the school of our penpals. They were waiting for us to show us their school. In small groups they have made us a tour around the school facilities in Spanish. As we knew each other from last year, they were really happy to  see each other.

Later, we have met the students who are coming next year to Montgat. We have done some speaking activities with them in order to  know each other.

Finally, we have met our epals again. They have played and sung some songs that they have translated into Sapnish, they have invited  us for lunch at the canteen and we have had our tea with cake with them while speaking about what we were going to do together the next  day.



The second day we have been to Thorpe Park, an amusement park near London. There we have met our epals again and in groups of 5, two Spanish and three English students, they have carried out a treasure hunt and have had lunch with the group they had been assigned.


The third, fourthand fifth day we have visited London  (Victoria station, Buckinham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Soho, Chinatown, Hyde Park, the Natural History Museum, Harrods, the Tower Bridge, the Covent Garden and Candem Town).

Next year it will the students at Calthorpe Park schoolwho are visiting us!!

It’s been a very nice trip!!