1st Batxillerat


Is enough being done to prevent environmental disasters?

Do you need some listening practice?

Do you prefer books or magazines?

Admirable Athletes

Tintin Book on trial

What about reading this interesting piece of news about the purpose of sleep?

Why do we sleep?


Before the exam

Let’s do some revision. Enter the following websites and… let’s practice.

Unit 2

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Present Perfect vs. Past Simple (2)

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous

For and since

For and Since (2)



Comparatives and superlatives


Going to



Will vs going to

Irregular Past tense

Pronunciation -ed

Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Past Perfect vs Past Simple

All tenses

Verb tense quiz

El caganer in Stephen Fry’s programme

The Bing Bang Theory



Here we are a video about parachuting.


1st Short Story:

Rob wasn’t sure what had woken him up. The first noise that he was fully aware of was a distant cry – a bit like a fox calling its mate. However, something about it made him think it wasn’t a fox. He sat up in bed and then heard something bang. It seemed to come from a room dowstairs. He thought it must be the wind and went donstairs to close the window. Just as he realised that it was a perfectly still night with no sign of wind he heard a cry very near and he turned round.


When he was found the next morning Rob was still alive, but he never spoke another coherent word as long as he lived.

7 responses

10 10 2009

By Yeray Sainz and Carlos Martin:

Then, Rob saw a shadow and he started to scream, the shadow hit him. After that, he fell down and lost his consciousness. Three hours later, he recovered his consciousness and saw a wolfman that was sitting in front of him , then he started running and the wolfman too.
Rob went out of the house to the forest. Rob looked behind him and saw that wolf wasn’t behind him. Suddenly somebody hit him on the neck.

11 10 2009

By Virginia Alvarado and Paula Martínez:

Rob looked at the wardrobe which was in front of him and he got closer to it. He opened it and suddenly a corpse fell upon him. Scared, he looked at the corpe’s face and he realized that it was his own body.
The corpse was totally destroyed, he had his arm cut the left part of his face was burned and without eye. A lot of cockroaches were going out of his mouth and he was covered in blood. Then the corpse attacked Rob. He ran to the kitchen and took a knife and killed the corpse.

12 10 2009

By Ferran Murie and Dani Montesinos

When he turned he saw a shadow running towards the kitchen. He took a stick and he followed it. When he arrived at the kitchen he didn’t see anything because the light was off. So, he turned on the light but he only saw the windows wide-open.
He went to the living room to watch a film but he didn’t find the television. He tried to call his friend but there was no line.
Rob went upstairs to his room but he was going slowly because there wasn’t any light. When Rob arrived at the door he found a glass of water crashed onto the floor. Thats why, he hid in the wardrobe.

13 10 2009
Marlen Centol, Andrea Riba and Ariadna Bàllega

He turned around and he saw his wife who had died two years before. He walked towards his wife, and he tried to hold her but she disappeared instead. After that, Rob heard a scream far away. He ran to the lake and he found her wife. Rob stared at her for a long time. But, at that moment, he wasn’t paying attention to anything else. He just stared at her. Suddenly, an enormous animal attacked him. He fell into the lake, but her wife saved him.

13 10 2009
Lluc, Franz & Martí

He was very scared because he had seen a shadow reflected on the window, so he turned around very slowly and in front of him there was an old nude man who wore a brown coat and a black hat.
The old man started to laugh as if he was insane. Afterwards, the old man rushed towards him and threw Rob to the ground. The old man stared at Rob and without blinking the scary man began to talking in Latin. Then, the old man disappeared and Rob lost his conciousness.

13 10 2009
By: Jaume Costa, Helena Mazuelas and Jaume Sanchez

Suddenly, he started to run to the dark forest. He didn’t know what he was doing. It was really weird. Afterwards, he stopped and saw a terrifying big footprint. It seemed the print of a really enormous fox. He was afraid that the animal could attack him because he couldn’t see it. However, he was able to hear it. Then he decided to search for the animal and suddenly he saw a shadow. He wanted to return home but he fell and he lost consciouness.

29 10 2009

By: Aina Alegre Noves, Àlex Horna López and Mireia Ribas García.

Although his parents had closed all doors, he heard a noise again. It came from the kitchen, he listened to the noise from the cupboard, the dishes, the cutlery…

Rob was terrified and he was shaking. When he felt better, he decided to take his father gun, then he went downstairs and he saw a big man. Suddenly, he remembered than he had seen that man on TV, he was the crazy man of the city. Rob called his neighbour Daniel, but he didn’t answer.

Rob didn’t realize that the crazy man had been listening to him when he had been talking and he caught Rob and tied him to the sofa and the crazy man closed the door. Rob heard a lots of sounds, screams, hits…

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